Creating the circular economy for lab plastics.

Who are LabCycle?

Did you know?

Research has some unintended consequences.

Annually 5.5 million tonnes of single-use plastic is produced by the life science laboratories alone globally (equivalent to 67 cruise liner ships!). This figure is significantly higher when including other disciplines of research.

It is heart-breaking to see this enormous amount of single-use plastic waste generated by research and healthcare sectors.

Even worse, this waste is not being recycled!

Due to a lack of specialised recycling service, these plastics are sent to landfills in special bags or are incinerated. This linear economy has imposed environmental burdens on the land and the atmospheric system.

It's time for action.

Research institutes, private companies and healthcare sectors are coming under huge regulations, tax and funding pressure to take this problem more seriously. Meanwhile, researchers have been calling for a change to this wasteful research culture.

So LabCycle was born!

Our Services

At LabCycle, we believe research is used to propel and solve humanity’s problems, not to escalate them. We are the first company on the market to offer bespoke recycling services for different disciplines and sectors.

What do we offer?


Proprietary sorting system to segregate plastics by colours and materials on-site.


Novel decontamination process to remove lab contaminants.


Single-use plastic waste recycling service tailored made for safety level 1 and 2 laboratories.

Circular Economy

Creating the first high-grade recycled lab plastic supply chain.

Our Mission

Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable development goals, we are here to build the infrastructure for sustainable research. We are committed to help research labs transit to the future of Net Zero.