Creating the circular economy for lab plastics.

SBRI Healthcare NetZero 2024 funding

We are excited to share that LabCycle has been awarded a second SBRI Healthcare award for our project, “From waste to products: a pioneering circular economy model for research and healthcare systems.” 🚀

Our project aims to revolutionise the way the NHS handle plastic waste and to create a sustainable circular model that minimises environmental impact. By recycling single-use plastic consumables into high-grade pellets for manufacturing lab/medical-grade products, we’re closing the loop on waste and reducing the carbon footprint of healthcare delivery.

We’re committed to driving change towards a Net Zero NHS, ensuring that patient care today doesn’t come at the expense of our environment tomorrow.

This work was commissioned and funded by SBRI Healthcare. SBRI Healthcare is an Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) initiative, in partnership with the Health Innovation Network and Greener NHS Programme.

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Image credit: SBRI Healthcare

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