The Lab of the Future

The Lab of the Future We at LabCycle believe that a sustainable lab is the lab of the future. However, we understand that many researchers don’t know how this can be achieved, with the environmental footprint of academic research far outsizing that of standard commercial offices. So, here are some tips, courtesy of the Nature article […]

Did you know?

Did you know? An average biomedical scientist alone will produce 0.95 tonnes of plastic waste every year from their research – this equates to 20,357 2L plastic bottles! Even more shocking is the environmental impact of this plastics’ disposal, with its autoclaving consuming a massive 475kWh of energy, thereafter its incineration producing 2.95 tonnes of […]

Pill Cups: LabCycle x White Horse Plastics

Pill Cups:LabCycle x White Horse Plastics Collaboration We collaborated with White Horse Plastics Limited who were able to make clear pill cups from the plastic waste we decontaminated from laboratories! This collaboration validated that we can make clear products from contaminated lab plastic waste in a circular economy mechanism. Contact Us Facebook-f Twitter Youtube […]