Laboratory Plastic Value Chain

Laboratory Plastic Value Chain The current market solution to the 5.4 million tonnes of laboratory plastic waste per year is either landfill or incineration. This linear economy does not optimise the full use of the raw materials as carbon is not kept within the value chain. LabCycle’s first-to-market solution poses a circular economy for […]

Is Glass Greener than Plastic?

Is Glass Greener than Plastic? Glass is considered a ‘greener’ alternative to plastic, but its production, distribution, and recycling are all far more polluting. In fact, glass use over that of plastic would have numerous detrimental environmental implications. – Plastic has a much lower melting temperature than glass of at least 1000°C- The weight of glass […]

Can you help us?

Can you help us? ⏱️ In less than 5 minutes you can contribute to our understanding of single-use plastic consumption from labs with our survey below! The incredible amount of plastic waste produced by labs poses a huge burden to the environment. The current processes to deal with this waste are extremely energy-intensive including autoclaving and […]

Plastics Live Event

Plastics Live Event Had a wonderful day at Plastics Live – an annual event for manufacturers of plastic products held at Coventry Building Society Arena. Delighted to meet national and international exhibitors, including Labotek A/S, Rotajet Systems Ltd., Smithers, S&S Plastics , White Horse Plastics Limited, and Fenton Precision Engineering, bringing their latest technologies that […]

LabCycle x UN sustainable development goals

LabCycle x UN sustainable development goals Paving the way to create the labs of the future, we at LabCyle align with a number of the UN’s global sustainable development goals which are highlighted and explained below. These goals provide a blueprint for how we can build a prosperous environment, both for people and the planet, […]

Setsquared Bath Event

Setsquared Bath Event A huge thank you to SETsquared Partnership, SETsquared Bath Innovation Centre and University of Bath for hosting the amazing ‘Building technologies today for a Net Zero tomorrow’ networking dinner at the gorgeous Roman Baths last week. The event was filled with so many inspiring people involved in sustainable mission-focussed innovation, including our […]

The LabCycle Way

The LabCycle Way 🔴 With 5.5 million tonnes of plastic waste produced by biomedical and agricultural labs every year, it is no wonder that scientific research poses such a large burden on plastic pollution. It’s not just the production of all this plastic waste that’s the issue however, with its current energy intensive methods of […]

The Lab of the Future

The Lab of the Future We at LabCycle believe that a sustainable lab is the lab of the future. However, we understand that many researchers don’t know how this can be achieved, with the environmental footprint of academic research far outsizing that of standard commercial offices. So, here are some tips, courtesy of the Nature article […]

Did you know?

Did you know? An average biomedical scientist alone will produce 0.95 tonnes of plastic waste every year from their research – this equates to 20,357 2L plastic bottles! Even more shocking is the environmental impact of this plastics’ disposal, with its autoclaving consuming a massive 475kWh of energy, thereafter its incineration producing 2.95 tonnes of […]

Pill Cups: LabCycle x White Horse Plastics

Pill Cups:LabCycle x White Horse Plastics Collaboration We collaborated with White Horse Plastics Limited who were able to make clear pill cups from the plastic waste we decontaminated from laboratories! This collaboration validated that we can make clear products from contaminated lab plastic waste in a circular economy mechanism. Contact Us Facebook-f Twitter Youtube […]